Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, Old Mind, New Me.

Walaupun New Year Eve kemaren penuh keributan, tapi endingnya tetep happy! Mama gue bikin pizza daging! Enak lho :9
By the way, you know what? I have no new year resolution at all! But at least I have some goals I want to reach this year...
  1. Be a fashion blogger. It means that what I need is confidence. And I need to add more pieces to my closet. For present, I admire cropped top, crochet, shredded shorts, mini skirt, stiletto, high boots, studded stuffs, leather jacket, black canvas, sneakers (especially Converse!), and many more!
  2. Design my own stuffs. I love designing pretty much, and I have lots of design. Don't really know how to realize them... but I must!
  3. Learning Japanese. English isn't enough for me. Not that I'm very good at English, but I'd always want to do something different. And I love Japanese culture, so?
  4. Keeping my relationship. 'Relationship' doesn't always mean 'me and my boyfriend'. It can 'me and my bestfriends' or 'me and my family'. Got it?
  5. Always, always, and always be me! Yes, I am the queen of my self. I can easily role my life. No one can tell me what's the better for me. Hey, thinking about this point actually make me feels hecka' good :)
That's all for now! I want to decorate up my blog. Hope you will like it. I'll be back as soon as possible! :D

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