Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Timeless Story : Crunchy Love Life

Everyone have their own love story. Me and you includes too! Even a cute-bunny-blogger like Uci has her own. She writes her love story in her blog days ago. Head over to her blog and read it!
Hm. Gue juga jadi pengen cerita juga. But hey, do I brave enough to write it now? Maybe not.
...Maybe yes.
Let's start with my first ex. Actually there isn't much story with him, except a fact that he is my very-very first boyfriend. I like him because he's cute, dan dia cowok basket! World knows, gue suka banget sama cowok basket. *it change now, I'll explain you later*
Coba tebak kapan gue jadian sama dia? It's November 21st, 2008, when I'm still in grade 6th! But you know what, we'd last for 2 years! A day in 2010, our story was done, because long distance relationship's sucks. LDR not work with me, I guess. Apa serunya sih pacaran if we can't talk face-to-face, can't hold hand, can't hug, can't date, can't meet?
Sangat gak berguna. So I decided to move on.
It's way hard to catch my second boyfriend, but finally I got him on October 20th, 2010. He's unpredictable, and no one knows is he really want me or not, except himself. First month, we were just like another couples, but after that... well, terrible. He keeps me hanging on! *now if I remembering about this, what I really want is to slap him in his face*
Dia bikin gue galau berbulan-bulan -_- Sh*t, that was the most unhappy time in my life! Hoping for him, but he never look at me (at all!), sooo wasting my time.
I want to move on! But to who???
Tapi, sesuai kata pepatah, if there is a will luck, there is a way. If there is no luck, there is no way! I do believe it!
Gue udah pernah cerita kan tentang gimana caranya gue ketemu sama cowok gue yang sekarang?
Well, gue akan cerita lagi. In a short way, gue dan Irwan Prasetyo (my current boyfriend), ketemu waktu pensi sekolah! Kayak cerita-cerita di teenlit banget ya. Tapi emang beneeer... setelah ketemu di pensi, gue sama dia jadi makin deket, dan gue juga jadi suka sama dia, aw :3
Tapi tapi tapi, ada satu penghalang yang bikin gue (sedikit) ragu-ragu buat ngedeketin dia -_-
Dia udah punya cewek!!!
Tapi, bukan Arshinta Nidira Adikara namanya kalo gak bisa puter otak demi ngedapetin apa yang dia mau! Well, dengan mengabaikan fakta bahwa gue waktu itu masih berstatus taken, gue pun memulai rencana gue buat PDKT sama Irwan, dibantu sama Ulfa!
Misi PDKT berhasil! Setelah putus dari pacar masing-masing, on June 7th, 2011, dia nembak gue! Aaaa XD sumpah seneng banget! Can't describe my feeling deh pokoknya!
And, up until now, I'm still with him :) I will write the stories about me and him later... *I'm too lazy to write it now, tee-hee*
But in every story, we have some things to learn in the end. Apa yang bisa lo pelajari dari cerita gue?
Oh iya, if there is a luck, there is a way. If there is no will, there is no way! *quote dari tulisan gue tadi yang udah diubah sedikit, demi kewarasan pembaca blog gue*
Read it, share it, and love it.

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